Electrifying Your Shed and Other Easy Electrical Projects for BeginnersElectrifying Your Shed and Other Easy Electrical Projects for Beginners

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Electrifying Your Shed and Other Easy Electrical Projects for Beginners

Welcome to my blog. My name is Gerry, and as a farmer, I have always known how to do a range of things including basic electrical work. I recently moved to the city to retire, and I am always helping friends with their various projects. I thought why not help as many people as possible by sharing what I know in the form of a blog? This is my first blog so I hope you like it. I am going to cover a range of easy electrical projects as well as other DIY tips. Get comfortable and start exploring. Thanks for reading!


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Home automation, simply put, is the process of aut

Home Automation and the Emergence of "Internet of Things"

Home automation, simply put, is the process of automating all or most of the functions of the home. This could be through Wi-Fi, the Internet and sophisticated technologies that seamlessly integrate the appliances and functions of the house. Other popular terms associated with Home Automation include Smart House, Home Automation, Home Technology and Smart Home Automation. Home automation has gradually caught traction in the recent years with the market estimated to be valued at tens of billions of dollars. 

So, What Can You Automate?

With the emergence of "Internet of Things", where practically "anything" can be automated and be connected to the Internet, the possibilities are limitless. Think of it this way, what if all the devices that you use regularly could connect to the internet--clocks, fridges, doors, watches, cameras, water heaters, then all of them connect to your phone while on vacation? You can easily communicate with the entire home. This is the driving factor in the surge of Internet of Things. "Internet of Things" is the backbone of home automation systems. The home automated products give you the chance to customize your home to your taste.

Benefits of Home Automation

  1. Energy Management and Savings: Since all the appliances that are connected to the home automation system are smart items, they can decide when to be on and when to be off. The lights in the room will sense that you are asleep and go off, or the thermostat will automatically regulate to optimal room temperature remotely. All these reduce the running costs of the house.
  2. Convenience: The comfort and surety of managing your home irrespective of where you are on the globe give you a sense of comfort and convenience, whether you are at home or work, or on vacation. The home control system is just a phone app away. No more worrying about that light that you forgot to switch off or the heater that is still on.
  3. Security: Viewing your home at the convenience of your phone wherever you are can easily secure your home. If your cameras are connected to the home automation system, then real-time relays are transmitted to your phone. For instance, when automatic intrusion detectors are set off, the warning comes straight to you wherever you are.  It could be a false alarm, and all you need to do is just press a button, and the alarm will disarm. This is so much less for your peace of mind.