Electrifying Your Shed and Other Easy Electrical Projects for BeginnersElectrifying Your Shed and Other Easy Electrical Projects for Beginners

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Electrifying Your Shed and Other Easy Electrical Projects for Beginners

Welcome to my blog. My name is Gerry, and as a farmer, I have always known how to do a range of things including basic electrical work. I recently moved to the city to retire, and I am always helping friends with their various projects. I thought why not help as many people as possible by sharing what I know in the form of a blog? This is my first blog so I hope you like it. I am going to cover a range of easy electrical projects as well as other DIY tips. Get comfortable and start exploring. Thanks for reading!


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Various Types of Electrical Outlets You Should Consider For Your Home

When it comes to electrical outlets, most households have the staple three pronged outlets that are used for all types of devices. Whether you need them for lighting, charging your devices or entertainment. As such, you find that many home opt to have extension cords affixed to these outlets to provide additional ports for their various electronic needs. What these does though is pose the risk of overloading your circuitry. This is because the initial wiring of your home was not built to withstand all the energy requirements that technology demands now. To prevent this, you should consider the installation of new outlets in your home to ensure that you are not overloading the circuit. Here are some of the various types of electrical outlets you should consider when installing new outlets in your home.

LED outlets for night light

This is a handy electrical outlet for households with children. The LED light is incorporated directly into the outlet. This means when you turn it on, the outlet lights up, typically at the bottom, while still leaving the plugs free for use. Using an LED outlet as a night light also eliminates the need for a lamp, which can afford you some cost savings on your utility bills.

USB outlets

USB ports are required by anybody who has a handheld device, whether in the form of a phone, a tablet or anything else you can think of. As such, most people have chargers with a USB port that they connect to the power outlets. Well, if you have numerous devices in your home, then you should consider eliminating the need of having to connect these chargers onto extension cords. Instead, have an electrician come and install for you USB outlets right into your walls. These can be exclusively used to charge handheld devices, which means your original outlets are free to provide power to other gadgets and appliances in the home. It also reduces the chances of you overloading your circuitry, as your handheld devices will not have their own dedicated outlets.

AFCI outlets

AFCI stands for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter. This type of outlets works to cut off electricity supply in the event that your wiring begins to overheat. The AFCI outlets are typically installed right into your home's main service panel. Having these outlets decreases the chances of sockets and plugs burning, and can also greatly reduce the risk of an electrical fire starting undetected.